Bill and David Valgardson followed in the footsteps of their father, moving houses in the state of Utah. With the help of their boys they have been able to keep the business going into the 21st century.

Bill and David learned to drive these two diesels in their early teenage years. Bill took over behind the wheel of these houses when he was 16, where 50 years later he’s still going strong. David followed his fathers example, where he learned to guide Bill and these houses into tight spaces. Over the years, perfecting his craft, He can put these buildings wherever you need. Together Bill and David can move almost anything.

Our History

Paul Ephraim Valgardson was born in 1918 in Spanish Fork, UT. Paul served as a Marine during WWII, where he was wounded on the island of Saipan. Paul was awarded the Purple Heart for His bravery. After retiring home from the war he married Florence Davis from Salem, UT. Together in 1948 Paul and Florence started the house moving business with the intent to move the homes that his father Ephraim was building. Unfortunately Ephraim died in a constriction accident in 1950.

The business took flight in the 1960’s due to the construction of I-15 in Utah, houses were being moved to make way for the new interstate. As their boys became of age they began to work for Paul and helped him turn the business into what it is today. He turned the business over to Bill and David Valgardson in 1993 when he was 75. Bill and David carry on the business today.

Paul Ephraim Valgardson operating a step jack handle.